Everything rises and falls on leadership. Growth is intentional. - John Maxwell.

I serve anyone that wants to make a major change in their personal or professional lives. People that want to become more self-aware and put in the work to get from "here" to "there". My Services as heading to list of services. People that want to explore ways to increase their impact as leaders in a positive way.

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Mentoring
  • Masterminds
  • Workshops
  • Corporate Speaking
  • Lunch-n-Learn

Let me share a real coaching example...

I love to help individuals, teams and leaders see their potential and influence and encourage their relevant growth. Sometimes we need an objective view to help focus your efforts and identify thoughts or behaviors that are no longer serving us well. My coaching style is to deliver the difficult messages with candor, power, and empathy. This is useful since the areas we venture into may be complex and confusing. You can expect great reward from putting in the time and hard work.

Situation: A professional found themselves in a situation where the work environment was difficult and with a boss that did not grasp the seriousness of the situation nor advocate and adequately support them. My client was looking for an exit strategy; either out of the current position or out of the company. I was asked to come along side of them to act as a coach and sometimes a mentor to help them through this difficult situation.

Task: We set-up 12 coaching sessions to be held over 12 months. We initially met weekly, but as clarity and progress was made, we met less frequently. The objective was to develop a strategy and time-line to exit or improve their current employment situation, achieve a more harmonious state with their personal and professional lives, and to identify opportunities for a new career path.

Action: We built an effective coach/client relationship based on respect and trust. I used active listening and probing questions to mirror my client's current state of being, and when appropriate, recommended exercises or tools to help us move forward and explore. The sessions consisted of up-dates, talking through situations, strategizing and then making plans to most effectively deal with their boss, corporate politics, changing priorities, and the accompanying stresses. My job was to be honest and authentic in my assessment of the situation. At times I pulled on my own corporate background to mentor and make suggestions. There are several ways to skin a cat and the final decision was always theirs. They had the answers best suited to them and their situation, however, my job is to hold them accountable and challenge them when their actions were inconsistent with their stated desired outcomes.



  • Developed a clear path forward to reach a decision on whether to stay with the company or move on.
  • Pinpointed components of a role that would better suit their strengths and temperament.
  • Identified a few new opportunities and steps were taken to position them to move in that direction.
  • Committed to counseling in an area in their life that was problematic and that I had encouraged them to explore early on in our engagement.
  • Improved harmony between their personal and professional lives.

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